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I found Kay as a Certified TRE Provider via the main TRE website, 

as I was looking for someone to support me through recovering from recently diagnosed complex PTSD.

Kay has been not only a TRE teacher for me but also a therapist during my time working with her. 

I was looking for someone who was experienced, intuitive, down-to-earth and hugely knowledgeable and 

could guide me through the process of unpicking the many issues that have affected me.

Kay encompasses all these things and more. I have had many decades of therapy that have proved to be useless 

and for the first time in more than 40 years, I am finally understanding and coming to terms with 

symptoms that have significantly blighted my life.

Kay is kind, funny, and caring and her clear straightforward approach has been a balm to years of chronic anxiety and hyper-vigilance. 

The TRE process is in itself effective, and combined with Kay's extensive experience of working in the field of trauma, 

her therapy offers a powerful way to recovery.

E.B Bath

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